Sunday, January 6, 2008

see how they run

born and raised in california (where your electoral vote is safely assumed before the election even begins), i've long fantasized about moving to iowa to be part of their olympiad primaries. instead, i moved to a swing state, which has its own excitements.

needless to say, this is one of my favorite seasons. but despite how excited i get, the whole thing can be so overwhelming. so, i'm always looking for an easy-to-digest breakdown of the facts.

in the latest mother jones, there's an especially helpful candidate platform quick guide that i thought i might share. after clicking on the link above, please note that there's a whole related menu in the title line that includes other helpful charts like campaign contribution breakdowns. romney seems even more terrifying than i thought, kucinich appears even more likable, but equally out of touch with reality, and obama (though i really do like him) seems increasingly less distinguishable from clinton.


worry said...

haha look at all the ron paul supporters in the comments section...they're so furious!

........................................ said...

funny thing is, if they had put paul in the quick guide, i think it would have been an embarrassment to see how absolutely ridiculous all of his platforms are. to MJ's credit, they feature him in all other parts of the "primary colors" article and they even did a story on what his demographic is like: single, male, twenty-somethings, that are tech savvy.


hey, thank for posting this. it's better than any horror film.