Saturday, January 12, 2008

birds on a wire

invited by two of the women i work with, i spent most of my saturday morning china painting for the first time. the ladies i painted with, six in all, meet every month as a club to share techniques, supplies, and a room free of husbands (and children) for a few hours.

china painting is a slowly disappearing artform, but like knitting, quilting, and crocheting, there's a increasing interest amongst a subculture of young ladies who have taken these crafts and made them their own.

before realizing that, however, i was intimidated by the lack of templates or examples i could find that i was interested in. i wasn't keen on what most of the ladies in the club were fond of painting. so, i was very pleased when i found a few artists, like dolamakes, on etsy with a similar design style as my own. it gave me a sense that i could do what i wanted today and i didn't have to spend a few hours begrudgingly painting some dusty roses on an ornate serving tray.

so, after finishing a couple of pieces, i'm excited to get my hands on some more porcelain and do more pen work (which is my preferred technique so far). i'd even like to get an etsy shop of my own up by this summer to share some of the things i've been putting together lately.


Linda said...

M.Dawg that's incredibly pretty! Why are you talented and awesome.

pirates said...

years of daring quests through treacherous lands against daunting odds


craft for the mod squad! nice drawing skillz too, i'm impressed.


and to be honest, i really like the dusty roses too. it's soo english tea garden.

KAL said...

I would actually like to have the dusty roses (or whatever Kleenex GentleTouch© English Garden series it came from) tray, but only if you painted a NASCAR logo over it or something, yeah.

dolamakes said...

Painting on porcelain is F-U-N!
we look forward to seeing some of your work soon and thanks for the shout out.

all the best!