Thursday, January 31, 2008

all in a day's work

i spent a lot of today's workday alone in the office, because it snowed. so, i didn't have anyone to share a good chuckle at the following:

1) i spoke to a lady today about her coming in for an interview for my old job. currently living in california, she said the best she could give was a phone interview and promptly gave me her cell number, explaining "californians don't answer our home phones often, we use cell phones." i'm not sure what cracked me up more about the statement. the fact that she spoke for the whole state and it's preference for telecommunications or the way she said cell phones, as if i'd never heard of the innovation before.


we have one of these "pinpression" toys in our main office. it fits the office cliché only when paired with the kinetic silver ball toys. of which, we have three. in the same bookcase. someone, i haven't figured out who, keeps (un)intentionally goatse-ing the pin thingy, as featured.


quantity one. one what? one flying rental car. while reviewing the day's accounts payables, i saw this expense item, cut off so nicely by field's character limit.

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worry said...

flying squirrel? flying saucer? flying wallendas?