Monday, January 7, 2008

i'm (practically) official!

because there's a strict legal timeline that must be honored, my promotion won't be announced until later this week. as far as everyone is concerned, however, it's official. i'll be in my new office by monday of next week.

my office was built in the early 70s, and like a lot of office buildings assembled at that time, the walls are cinder block, painted off-white, and resemble an efficiently built, but emotionally cold box. so, i've begun looking at ways to liven it up a bit. my dad bought me a really nice digital picture frame and put photos from the wedding on it. and i also bought four anthropomorphic prints today from berkley illustration that i really liked (see above) and will display them together on one of my walls. i also spied a neat idea from martha stewart, taking plain ol' storage boxes and files and covering them with fabric or paper to brighten them up. here's to finally having an office again!


rats said...

your own office? are you gonna start wearing pantsuits and siding with management over labor too?


congrats. i wish i had seen that not so square thing before i bought a cloth covered file box a few days ago. c'est la vie. i like this one much much more too. guess i should buy some cloth now. ps. i like how you're frequently you are posting, it's keeping me entertained in this cold boring desert.