Thursday, January 10, 2008

new camera

the last new digital camera i had, i purchased almost seven years ago on employee discount from the drug store i worked for. it was a 2.1mp with no zoom.

last year, for his birthday, i bought karl a new digital camera, of which he makes a lot of talented use. but because he's always using it, i never really have the opportunity to capture the things i'd like to and flex a bit of my own creative eye. for christmas, thanks to a gift card from my boss, money from my mom, and myself, i bought a fairly nice little camera. it's a samsung digimax L85, 8.1mp with 5x optical zoom.

originally, i asked santa for the leica mini digital camera, 5mp (featured only through urban outfitters), because i liked the traditional camera look, it's super small size, and the fact that it had more mps than i had wielded previously. but to be fair to santa, he's not too keen on buying presents with that kind of price tag. so he got me some other really nice presents instead, and i found a camera that was better suited to me and my wallet.

i still like the look of the leica and its size, but i appreciate the price and capabilities of the samsung. and i think i still managed to get the look i was hoping for.

and now, i'm looking into getting one of those newfangled flickr pro accounts to house all my fancy new pics.

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