Monday, February 26, 2007

these are a few of my favorite things, part one

dear web journal,

in an effort to share the random things i am enjoying as of late, i’ve compiled a short list:

-veronica mars:
after netflixing the first two seasons, this has quickly become one of my favorite shows. when i was younger, i enjoyed "inspector gadget" not for the main character, but for his niece penny, who masterfully solved her uncle’s cases while keeping him out of harm’s way. mix penny with the sometimes snarky wit of a more modern character like daria and you’ve got why i like veronica mars. plus, it is filmed on my old stopping ground in san diego, taking place in the fictitious town of "neptune." season one is better than season two, but both are a lot of fun watch.

-black apple’s felted rabbits:

living with a dude, i have to be careful about the amount of cute "dolls" that occupy our shared space, but i am so tempted to snag one of these up. i am wondering how difficult felting is. keeping in mind, the lady behind black apple makes the beautiful and difficult seem effortless. i could see myself really enjoying this craft.

-alex chilton/big star:
apparently, another one of my favorites, paul westerberg, was influenced by alex chilton (even wrote a song about him). karl introduced me to big star this weekend and i’m totally astounded by how ahead-of their-time their sound is. if you’re not already aware of this memphis power pop goodness, you may unknowingly be familiar with their work by the opening song to "that 70’s show" (covered by cheap trick). i would suggest downloading the song, "the happy song."

-this diesel bikini:

i’m a fan of the semi-boy-short bottoms, the colors, and the fact that it might be a flattering item to wear on the beaches of st. lucia (our honeymoon spot).


sometimes produce can be difficult to find, expensive, and cause for guilt when buying it during the winter in the part of the country i now live. while i love nectarines, buying peruvian ones in february for three bucks a pound is ridiculous. so, i am trying to be smart and make winter friendly produce purchases. kale is the perfect solution—tasty and good for you too. karl makes an inexpensive and delicious kale, white bean, and sausage stew.

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