Friday, February 23, 2007

rupee nintendo, the kitten

dear web journal,

it has been a whirlwind of emotion around our house. on wednesday afternoon, karl let our cats, rupee (our newest kitten) and foxtrot (our year-old cat), out to play and went to get his hair cut. when he returned, rupee was no where to be found.

so when afternoon turned into night, we became pretty alarmed. she is sociable, but not the kind of cat that would wander off too far and we knew something was wrong when she’d been gone so long. we called and called for her, searching our quiet neighborhood. nothing.

so, i panicked wednesday night, thinking of life without her. it was rough. to most people, even maybe those who have and love cats, this may seem like needless worry. but she’s not only pretty young (5 months), she's also kind of extraordinary. she’s probably the most loving creature i’ve met. she’ll roll around in complete happiness at your voice or touch. she’s also fond of playing hide-and-go-seek and fetch (which she often initiates). and in my biased opinion, i think she’s super cute.

not only that, we saved this cat's life. when we rescued her from the shelter, everyone working there tried to warn us that we were adopting a kitten on its deathbed——frighteningly thin, not eating or drinking, and covered in mucus. karl and i were aware of it, but the connection we felt with her was undeniable. thankfully, my dad has taught me a few things about medicating and healing animals. when we told the vet what we’d do to bring her around, the vet admitted that rupee’s going home with us was her only chance of making it through the night. it was rough, but she made it and now is a chubby little thing.

well, karl ended up finding her in a neighbor’s tree with the help of our dog, holden (she was scared up there by the neighbor’s dogs). this alleviated the worry that she was gone for good, but now presented a whole new thing to worry about. the internet is a wonderful tool for learning things and sometimes those things are horrifyingly scary. according to the websites i found on the subject, kittens have a much harder time climbing back out of trees and will often just fall out and hurt themselves (sometimes fatally). not to mention when they’re small, they’re victim to avian and tree dwelling predators.

she finally jumped out of the tree this morning on her own sometime between 3:00 am and 6:45 am when i checked on her. not finding her was unsettling, because of my fears mentioned above. but when i finally heard her cries, i knew the whole ordeal was finally over, thank god.

needless to say we’re very happy to have her back home and will mind the fayetteville law that requires cats be tethered outdoors or kept inside.

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