Monday, February 5, 2007

an outdoor event

dear web journal,

i warned yesterday that i would write about the wedding and here i go (it’s a long one). as my favorite part, i should begin with the dress. i purchased the ivory emily silk chiffon gown from jcrew on sale a month or so ago, which is featured below. i had previously purchased an ivory vera wang gown online for a total steal, but found it unflattering on me. so, i am due to resell that soon. i honestly never saw myself being the kind of bride that has more than one dress (or being that picky), but i guess i am subject to that sort of thing.

the outdoor wedding will take place in the cuyamaca mountains in the quaint town of julian (just outside of san diego) at angel’s landing and resort. karl and i spend a good amount of time hiking and on one particular hike through william heise county park we decided before any kind of proposal that we’d someday return to this area to be married. and it’s proven to be a lovely place for an afternoon ceremony and reception. our theme colors are brown and green, keeping with the surroundings.

the lovely insurgentmuse has designed and printed the stationary (and i couldn’t be more pleased).

i am all about keeping costs low (and having tons of fun) by keeping the event DIY. the site itself, the food, and cake are the only things i didn't budget closely, because i felt those were the most important parts. i found green glass mosaic vases at the dollar store, which will hold white carnations. to complement the carnations, i will make tissue paper pom-poms (along with purchased paper lanterns) to hang in the trees above the reception area. i came up with the idea of using brown tulle as inexpensive table runners to add color to our no-cost white table linens.

my ladies will wear brown cocktail length dresses of their own choice. i found a picture of someone else’s wedding with brown mismatched bridesmaid dresses that i thought was very flattering.

(sorry i forgot who this belongs to)

karl and his guys will wear khaki pants, brown corduroy sports coats, and green ties. i very much like the idea of keeping an outdoor wedding as casual as possible and i think they’ll all look really nice (and be comfortable too).

i’m making my own jewelry for the day and recently picked up some green turquoise to put together a necklace and earrings. i purchased my ivory birdcage veil, which is gorgeous from georgie peach at a remarkable price.

a good friend of mine, kelly, is going to laptop DJ the event. his taste in music is perfect and i think this will be the most fun part of the day. i would love suggestions for good songs to play during the wedding. i also found a wedding photographer that’s just starting out and looking to create a portfolio. he’s doing my wedding pro bono. and another locally famous art photographer friend of mine, geoffry uhl, will also supplement the wedding photo documentation with some less cheesy, candid shots.

ok, that’s what i’ve got planned for now. i’m always open for suggestions.

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