Thursday, February 8, 2007

it’s a free country

dear web journal,

the latest issue of real simple magazine features an article on how to get some free stuff. and in the spirit of purchase-less deals, i decided to share the wealth (with commentary).

-start sampling: ( this is a third party site that connects manufacturers with cheapskates like me who want free stuff.

-kiehl’s: (1-800-543-4572 or call this number and get up to three samples sent to your door. or instead, see stores locations for more goodies.

-programs from american consumer opinion and e-poll: ( and you can earn cash, points, or free products in exchange of your consumer soul. ok, not that serious, but fill out some surveys and you’ve got yourself some great deals.

-oil of olay sample program: ( as new olay products come out, you’re due to receive samples of them if you sign up.

-sephora ( just ask a salesperson and they’ll hand you a package sample or fill jars of requested products for free. naturally, to keep it free, this requires your strictest willpower and ability to say “no” to persistent salespersons. but it is probably worth it, right?

-procter and gable’s home made simple and tide e-newsletters: ( and this is probably the best freebee site for samples of and coupons for everyday items.

-e-cards that don’t suck: (,, and there are way too many corny e-cards out there. here are some good looking, sometimes funny e-cards to send your friends when you’ve realized you waited too long to send the real thing.

-free education: ( and, ever want to take classes from a prestigious university like MIT? well, if you’re ok with not receiving a degree for your hard earned erudition, you can take nearly all the courses they offer for free online. the latter links are pod-language-classes you can stream and download. merci!

-free ice cream: ( april 17th is the day for 2007! see link for store locations.

-free books: ( and this easy exchange program works like this: post used books; wait until one is chosen; mail it off; get credit for it; and choose something you like with credit; wait for it at your mailbox. smart recycling, eh? i love it.

and i should say that as much as i love real simple magazine, i got my subscription for free too by buying a few inexpensive work-attire sweaters from since then, i’ve been wild about free magazines. for those magazine publishers who offer a number of free issues that you must cancel before they start charging you, you have to remember to actually meet the deadline. want a good (and free) way to remember to keep magazine subscription offers free? go to and sign up for free email reminders.

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