Sunday, February 4, 2007

tazón de fuente estupendo

dear web journal,

today is super bowl sunday, which marks the joyous occasion in which i may prepare atomic buffalo turds and eat them on the couch as my boyfriend, karl, explains the american football point system to me for the millionth time (and only because it is the millionth time i've asked).

we're tired because we spent the weekend painting the adjoining duplex apartment for our landlady, who kindly promised to pay us by cutting the price of our rent next month. this helps because we're also planning a wedding during may of this year and we've found the event can be a real money pit. despite how expensive the event is, i've found a new hobby in searching for great deals on wedding dresses, invitations, decorations, catering, and gifts. of which, i'll probably boringly and painstakingly detail here. i think karl is beginning to worry (and yet, also rejoice) that i'll suffer a post-matrimonial depression when my favorite activity becomes obsolete. i'll be ok. i'll get back to doing a little more reading, studying again for the LSAT, and returning to crafts and mail art as a hobby.

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