Friday, August 1, 2008

five for friday, part one

ten years ago, i was doing the following five things:
1. dating a boy named abe.
2. living in the mojave desert in california.
3. finishing my junior year of high school.
4. working at a drug store.
5. in the best shape of my life, running 15+ miles a week.

five things in today's "to do" list are to:
1. set-up etsy shop store front.
2. take photos of newest porcelain paintings.
3. organize office/studio.
4. reschedule optometrist and dermatologist appointments.
5. write out “thank yous” to tanzania trip givers.

five snacks i enjoy are:
1. naked juice
2. blue diamond wasabi & soy almonds
3. tropicana fruitwise
4. blue cheese and fruit
5. iced green tea

if i were a millionaire, i would do the following five things:
1. live in tokyo for a year or two.
2. buy a craftsman in san diego’s north park area.
3. go on two global volunteer trips every year.
4. get masters degrees in library science, philosophy, and computer science.
5. buy a whole new wardrobe.

five places i have lived:
1. east los angeles, california
2. rancho cucamonga, california
3. apple valley, california
4. san diego, california
5. fayetteville, arkansas


Magdalena said...

I'm totally stealing this.

worry said...

orale vato waas sappenin??

Darla May said...

I didn't know you painted! I can't wait to see your store front!

carabearsalot said...

ten years ago i lived with my two best friends.

: (

can i go backwards and you somehow come forwards.