Friday, August 15, 2008

five for friday, part three

i'm currently in the bay area visiting my totally awesome sister-in-law, attending a wedding with karl, and enjoying a much needed break from work and home life. in honor of that, i'm five for friday-ing my trip (in two sections, only, this time).

five things i love about attending other people's weddings are:
1. free booze
2. dressing up (see navy)
3. food
4. seeing the creativity put into the decorations
5. letting the hosts stress while you enjoy the above

five things i love about san francisco are:
1. a good number of my friends live there
2. the weather is nice (relatively)
3. it's walkable (and/or public transitable)
4. restaurants!
5. bars!

1 comment:

bearscaralot said...

colorado is wayyyyy! better.

even with all the crazies.