Wednesday, August 13, 2008


yeondoo jung, an artist from korea, took children’s drawings and made his own real life replications of them in a series he named "wonderland." after collecting more than 1,000 drawings from south korean children between the ages of five and seven he narrowed the drawings down to a small selection of favorites and staged full-scale photo shoots designed to bring each drawing to life. here is the whole series.

i have to say i love this kind of artwork. i'm a huge fan of children's artwork and remember the year i fell in love with a series at my college library featuring the works of young kids living in war torn countries. kids have a way of pairing honesty with fancy and wonderment that adults cannot. we, as adults, can do one or the other well, but there's something in the way (maybe ego) that typically won't let us freely do both, i think.

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