Wednesday, December 5, 2007

pet sounds

list of pets i've had:

-(3) tortoises: adopted by my dad starting in his early teens. each was named one, two, and three, consecutively.
-(1) raven: cleverly named edgar and rescued by my dad
-(6) dogs: shea (german sheppard mix), coco (doberman pincer), sandy (a very ugly mutt with epilepsy), “puppy” (dalmation), penny lane (chocolate lab), and holden (chihuahua, professional jerk)
-(6) hedgehogs: numbered names like tortoises, consecuvitely
-(1) chicken: also cleverly named drumstick rescued one summer working at the family chicken house
-(10+) fish: who knows anymore?
-(2) cats: rupee nintendo, and foxtrot titty


worry said...

here's my list...6 dogs: Mish, Kacey, Dusty, Brittany, Maggie, and Baby Wienerman; 6 cats: Alex, Mouser, 2 crazy nameless cats who were sisters we adopted from a stray, Wubba (the cat in Erin's painting), and some grey cat whose name i can't remember but it was basically Kelly's cat; i had a frog once i bought at a school fundraiser and it escaped the same day, it didn't have a name; and we had a hamster that got some disease that made its hair fall out and it eventually died.


meow meow. grrr... meow meeeeoooowww. hsss! ruff. bark bark. purrrrrrrr.....