Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Q: Your step-mom of thirteen years leaves your dad suddenly without much warning or contact info; what do you get him for Christmas to cheer him up?


carabear said...

: ) a stinky little ferret.

did i ever tell you that tristan accidentally killed his ferret. they lived in new hampshire and it was during winter. well, they left the ferret cage out on the balcony one night, forgetting to bring it in. it got to freezing temperatures that night and the poor little guy died.

sad huh.

man, i am like debbie downer on snl. wa wa waaaaaa.

linda said...

Yikes Cara. Was the ferret stiff and rigor mortised in the morning?

Darla May said...

I think getting a ferret is an excellent idea. So unexpected, yet so thoughtful. I would never think to buy a ferret for someone. Make sure you buy a couple of sweaters, too. It adds to the cuteness.

Speaking of clothes, your reply to Carl: "It's a completely different color!" It's okay. You are a VIP customer and always will be ;-) My goal is to open in two weeks...you'll be the first to know!