Friday, December 21, 2007

big news comes in pairs

my step-sister is at the hospital now going through some stress tests and readying herself for the oncoming labor. i’ll be an aunt by this weekend. i’m so excited! and i can’t wait to visit when it calms down a bit and help out. babies make me nervous, generally, and i’m not too keen on the idea of having one for myself. but the idea of a close friend or relative having a baby feels so comforting to me. you know the saying, “she was born to be a mother,” right? well, i was born to be an aunt.

in other big news, my supervisor is leaving for a really awesome job elsewhere on campus. the moment it was announced, people started coming to me asking me to apply for her spot. yesterday in a budget meeting, the department head asked me to apply for the position, which pretty much seals the deal. the job involves a lot more responsibility and i’d essentially be in charge of the workings of the whole department. i already deal closely with a lot of high maintenance individuals, but this would be adding more to my list. but it’s more money that we can save over the next year before we move, and i’d have my own office. i applied officially this morning.