Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"mike huckabee's message to iowa" or arkansas latest political superstar

kelly: hey
kelly: congrats on your surging native son presidential candidate
me: haha
me: yeah, thanks i guess
me: huckabee=pretty cool for a republican (minus that whole aids thing, ergh)
kelly: i dunno
kelly: he worries me
kelly: it's like he sugar coats the evil
me: maybe so, but he's really likeable as he does it. and i guess that makes him dangerous.
me: he did do a lot of really socialized things for arkansas, while wording it nicely for christians/republicans.
me: he created the no children without healthcare program here, which supposedly is one of the best ones in the country.
me: and he argued that it was justified, because if someone is pro-life they have to be pro-life past birth, which is the biggest irk i have with the christian argument against choice but against benefits for kids too.
kelly: yeah, it's the religious social welfare state
kelly: super paternalistic
kelly: yeah, i like(d) him
kelly: but the more i find out the less i do
me: yeah
me: funny that he’s he's likeable in a way that clinton was/is too, and from the same small town
kelly: he's folksy
kelly: and doesn't appear to take himself too seriously
kelly: this is hilarious
me: hahahaha
me: that was awesome
me: and that sums [your argument] up nicely
kelly: yeah


rats said...

you talked to smelly squirts about mike suckabee from the state of fartkansas

Linda said...

Mexicans make your corn spicy with hall a pen yos.