Tuesday, March 18, 2008

big brother, big (mel) sister

i'm in the lengthy process of getting a "little," which is the terminology to say that i'm waiting to be paired up as a big sister with a young girl who will be my little sister. and i'll be considered this girl's "big." yes, inga, "big mel."

i'm not sure what my line of thinking was to begin with, but i decided to volunteer for big brother, big sister a few months ago. the prospect of hanging out with a young person has grown on me. i haven't seen a children’s movie in a long time, because "the wait is [never] ogre" for the wife of a man whose eyes roll at the idea of a PG flick. having a "little" will give me the excuse to see enchanted and other cutesy features. and i'll have someone to play at the park with. or go shopping with and for. and finally, a consistent wii partner! you get the picture.

the above outings/activities are all BBBS approved, but we were also given in our training a list titled "fun ideas!" which suggest things to do with our littles. and i know, the spirit of some of these ideas is to not spend a lot of money to have fun, but i'll let you judge the degree of fun from these "fun ideas!":

-"figure out how to program your VCR," and when that is done, teach her something equally timely and useful like how to send a telegram
-"visit a fish market, or meat market," alright, here's the good stuff!
-"take a long ride on public transportation to the end of the line," and then??
-"mow the lawn or wash the car together," then have her take out my trash and organize the garage
-"make a list of people you admire--look them up on the internet," and i've long wanted to tutor tomorrow's future on cyber-stalking skills


worry said...

this is funny...good luck!

Linda said...

When I read "end of the line" I thought of autoerotic asphyxiation? It's like a bad Law & Order: SVU.

Clearly I should never mentor children.