Friday, September 7, 2007

romy and melissa's myspace reunion

dear web journal,

karl’s sister recently attended her ten year high school reunion and had some mixed feelings over the event. as per usual, her blog even when "a confusing rant" (her words) is a good read. it got me thinking about my own, which is just at my heels.

i seriously doubt i’ll go. if i can’t have a romy and michelle type reunion, i want nothing of it. and besides the friends i’ve still managed to keep in contact with from my graduating year, i think i can safely assume that rest of the people i’d be interested in seeing wouldn’t go anyway.

and better than that, the internet is a much more efficient (even if creepier) way of tracking down the answer to the question of ‘what is he or she doing these days?’ hell, even my mom decided to get a facebook account, which is a disturbing fact. but the point is, the resources are out there.

and then sometimes you’re in a random store and you stumble upon a maybelline ad with a close-up shot of a face belonging to some girl you did skits with in drama class. apparently, this girl, who everyone said should become a model, became a model and very successful one at that.

or sometimes you watch an episode of project runway season two, which you love, and find this guy who you knew in high school and at the time swore was gay, but his closest friends who were some of your closest friends swore he wasn’t. it’s pretty clear who was right, i guess.

but back to using the internet and simultaneously becoming a total creep. see, there’s something in me that generally has little interest in actually communicating to these ghosts of my past. but i still have the curiosity that usually brings me to myspace: who becomes what they set out to be? do those friggin’ AP classes really matter? who had a slew of kids? what druggie/alcoholic became an overnight christian? and so on. and of course, these questions are never limited to my graduating class. i guess i am a nosey one.



that danee doty thing is crazy.

and you don't have to rub it in you little snot. john is gay. i get it. he actually told me to go to a club called 'hotdog' two days ago and is now the western regional director for freakin marc jacobs. it's not my fault your gay-dar used to be better than mine.


ok, did you see this? dan'ee daily

........................................ said...

haha, john is awesome. and yeah, i had to rub it in a little. :)

Cara (that's me) said...

wow! "this guy" who was on project runway. haha i don't think i ever thought he was gay. i mean, really, is he gay? or are you stereotyping because of his hair and clothes melissa? all i remember about him was him being a bit of a condescending, holier-that-thou jerk, and the fact that he said chapstick was addictive. which i do have to agree.

Giulietta said...

Dan'ee Daily is my website XD I've loved her ever since I saw her Redken ad in Vogue. You guys know her?