Tuesday, September 4, 2007

spider and the fly

dear web journal,

look, i know that spiders are "our friends." it's just that some friends are not worth cavorting with. like that time at age ten, one attached itself to my legs and it kindly sank its little fangs into me repeatedly.

and yes, most spiders are harmless to humans. like the beastly one i found next to our back door. it's just when you turn around in the dark and come face to face with one the size of a child's fist, you have to take the time to warm up to it (and google it). black and yellow argiopes are menacing looking, but completely safe to handle, if you were that kind of weirdo. i'm not.

i've named our little pest-murderer, gaia. she's supposed to be big on cicadas, which is good news to me. and besides having some pretty color to her, gaia's kind is famous for really beautiful and intricate webs that they maintain daily. sometimes this kind of spider is known as a "writer spider" because they create this weird zipper design down the side of their webs. ours does this and then undoes this and then redoes it. it's a pretty good show.

maybe, just maybe, gaia will help me get over my thing with spiders. ugh.


worry said...

that spider is contemplating murder, there is no doubt about it

Linda said...

Gaia is a (somewhat to very?) cheesy James Taylor song that I used to listen to LOVE.


AWESOME!!! is it really the size of your fist? i would totally let that thing crawl on me!


er, by "that thing" i meant wonderful creature