Tuesday, March 11, 2008

shower me with love

one morning last weekend, i got my slow, sleepy ass into the shower. as i usually do, i let the water hit my face for a few seconds before grabing the shampoo and doing the ol' lather routine.

with water still in my eyes, i go to grab for the shampoo and i realize that the herbal essence i grabbed is actually a bottle heinz ketchup. confused, i double-take and notice that the conditioner is a mustard container.

now at this point, my mind is really blown. i look down at my facial cleanser and it is a bottle of olives. all of my shower items have been replaced with condiments.

some husbands bring their wives flowers and chocolate.


rats said...

post pics

Anonymous said...
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Magdalena said...

I just totally LOL'd.

Linda said...

I also LOL'd and then I cut and pasted it onto my own blog. We're related so I can do that.

worry said...

look out for Tito Jackson's new album "Thriller" this October