Wednesday, July 11, 2007

wii will rock you

dear web journal,

i'm back. it was a good, short vacation. and it gave karl and i a healthy amount of time to miss each other a bit.

i spent about four days back home in the mojave desert with my very closest friend, mike, and my expecting step-sister, tabitha. and for the record, my niece OR nephew is stubbornly holding out on his OR her gender by hiding coyly behind tab's umbilical cord. needless to say, i am thrilled by the idea of my upcoming role as an aunt and i could really care less, girl or boy. but maybe i'll have news in a week or so.

and it was great seeing mike. saturday, we saw the decemberists (with the LA philharmonic) at the hollywood bowl with his siblings. i'm not a big fan of the decemberists, but i enjoyed the show, nonetheless. the band of horses and andrew bird opened the show; i enjoyed them both quite a bit.

the rest of the time, we all (including tab and her dude, josé) played hours and hours of nintendo wii. i want one soooooo bad. so bad. it'll probably be christmas time or so before we get one. but until then, i will dream of kicking mike's mii butt on wii darts for the wiillionth time.

**photo courtesy of the iconfactory.

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