Thursday, July 5, 2007

old, married woman

dear web journal,
it’s been a ridiculously long time since i’ve updated. i figured i’d wait until i got all of the photos from the wedding, before i did. but i didn’t realize the professional ones would take so long.

anyway, most people who frequent these blog parts were in attendance of the wedding, so i won’t (and don’t care to) write a novel about the events around it. i’ll say though that it was a wonderful day full of family, friends, near-perfect weather, unexpected tears, both sincere and forced smiles, lots of photographs, gallons of booze, cupcakes, and trees!

and the honeymoon was a life-highlighting, life-infested experience. st. lucia’s rainforest is gorgeous and it was such a treat seeing geckos in our rooms and exotic birds ever-present. but i don’t know what it is about mosquitoes. as if spraying myself down with heavy, anti-pest chemicals was a challenge to them, those stripped jacket beasts feasted upon me. they do the same here in arkansas, too, but the caribbean varieties are like phoenixes in comparison. and they don’t leave simple sting marks; they leave parasite hickies. karl came away mostly unscathed. even still, i thought the trip was truly amazing.

and speaking of trips, i am going on my first solo trip back to california this week. i’ll be back tuesday to put off updating again.

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Linda said...

I have the world's coolest sister-in-law! All other sisters-in-law suck and/or are mediocre.