Friday, July 20, 2007

el craptastico

dear web journal,

i need some laughs. so, i'm sharing with hopes of receiving (note the location of the news anchor). i especially enjoy news bloopers like the gay mountain climber and "i think she's actually hurt."

but yeah, i feel pretty terrible lately and i don't have any real reason to. the weather might be one of the culprits; lately it is muggier than poseidon's crotch. the dehumidifier at work pulled a gallon of water (i am not joking) out of the air in the last 12 hours. and to some degree this might be why karl and i have been in constant quarrel mode.

to add to it, my social anxiety (despite the help of Pfizer) has cranked up tenfold this week and i'm irrationally consumed with the idea that everyone is annoyed with me. my recent reading spree has tanked with my onset foul mood. so, i bought a new nintendo ds game. it's really fun, but even that becomes depressing when i realize how many hours i've poured into it already.

anyway, enough dwelling on it. it's friday, right? ugh.

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