Monday, June 16, 2008

i'm voting republican

today is share tongue-in-cheek support for the republican party day. aside from the video above, here's an additionally funny (yet more depressing) stab: a loyalty oath for clinton supporters who turn to mccain instead of obama

in my opinion, women's reproductive health is the number one reason to vote democratic this election. with the strong likelihood of an open supreme court seat in the next four years, mccain's openly anti-abortion stance, and the nomination he's suspected to make that will change roe v. wade, i really hope that all of you urge your friends and family to vote, and vote specifically obama. for more on the kind of evil we're facing that we've got to get proactive against (from the article i linked above):
And amidst these obstacles, anti-contraceptive activists attack women's access to contraception on every other level: President George W. Bush's Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2006 bars pharmaceutical companies from selling birth control at a discounted price to university health centers and safety-net clinics, leaving low-income and college women paying full price for birth control.

why? there's really little actual reasoning behind that kind of policy. i hate using the word "evil" when talking about politics, but i can't think of a more fitting word in this instance.

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rats said...

you know them third party voters love sacrificing other people for they causes. they love a martyr when it isn't them, and they want the worst (ie Republican) thing to happen so they can say "i told you so" about the "system" as a whole. the far right always gonna be the far right, but them "outside" thinkers aren't worried about nothing but they one cause just the same. there isn't a difference between voting ron paul, pat buchanan, or john mccain. they feed on that misery of the working class democrat family just as much as cheney does.