Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cheap trick(s)

i recently came across three free photo editing links that i thought might be of interest:

photoshop express
  • free uploading, 2GB
  • crop, rotate, edit images
  • has most basic features used by most photoshop users
  • display albums in 3D, grids, or "crop circles"

  • crop, resize, and rotate images
  • special effects
  • special fonts with top-quality type tool
  • works on mac, windows, and linux
  • no download required, nothing to install

    ez rounded corners
  • quick one time uploads
  • fast edit: rounded corners
  • see top of page for more options: ezresize, ezsendlargefiles

    i was excited to see these, because my eee is limited on space and i am happy to use these free, bare-bones, no-download options when possible. basically, i think the photoshop one has more bells and whistles for more elaborate projects, but picnik is just more ideal for easy, quick jobs. ez rounded corners is just that, a fast way to nicely round image corners. enjoy!

    **image thanks to iiiijjjj (edited with ezroundedcorners.com)

    cartoony said...

    I know it doesn't quite fit the requirements, but if you need something more robust then what the web-based editing programs offer, I recommend Paint.Net. Installed, it's only about 8 megs, but it requires the .Net runtime, which is about another 20-30, unfortunately. Still, it's a powerful little photo editor...

    rats said...

    but how do you make an ugly man look handsome