Tuesday, April 22, 2008

run, imelda marcos, run

i've been running for exercise with the goal to run a 5k here and there. and last week, i ran just under a total of ten miles. but i've been slowing down rather than speeding up. shin splint and knee pain are to blame. last night, i could barely eke out a mile and a half.

me: i told cara about it and she scolded me for running with really old shoes
me: they're nearly ten years old
me: you're supposed to change them up every six months, because the tread wears
me: oops, i guess
mike: man!
mike: melissa
mike: i know you totally hate new shoes, but buy some online this instant!
me: hahahha

i know, like i need an excuse. the sad thing is, since i love my old running shoes (sauconys), i never thought to replace them while they're "intact." so, i need suggestions because clearly i don't know what i'm doing. i want something good for pavement running that won't cost me $100 or more. i avoid white, because arkansas is full of that good ol' red clay mud. and i know half of this blog's audience consists of runners, so i am at your wise command.


Magdalena said...

The scary thing about new shoes is that switching can injure you too! I suspect my Achilles thing was a result of strapping on a brand new pair of Nikes (i.e., going from running on the equivalent of Converse to properly padded soles) in addition to poor stretching. They're broken in now and I think they're fine, but you should probably go into an actual store, preferably a running store (like a Road Runner Sports or something). Some stores will put you on a treadmill for a couple minutes, videotape your gait and recommend a shoe based on how you run.

Of course, I offer this advice having taken none of it as I bought my shoes online. But see above re the Achilles injury.


I am also a very bad girl. After injuring my back, I go to the chiropractor who tells me my shoes (old school saucony's) are shit. It's been 2 months since then and I still haven't bought new ones and continue to work on my feel for many hours a day. Buying new running shoes is inexplicably hard for me. I can't buy them online because shoe size is so irregular. I have a conspiracy theory that tells me no one makes shoes that will feel comfortable without hurting me at some weird rub. Maybe that's why I gave up running a decade ago. I do have a vague recollection of some addidas trail runners that were dreamy...

Anonymous said...

alright. you are stressin' too much about it. and don't worry about colors. they're running shoes melissa. RUNNING shoes! they're supposed to get dirty. you want them to get dirty, then you're doin' your job. : ) i got mine at a sporting good store at the mall for 60$ and they're perfect. light weight is key. good shock absorbing. and you can always break them in by walk/running first. just get rid of those 10 year old shoes!!!!! and if you feel guilty about it, there are places to donate your old tennis shoes and they make them into playgrounds and courts. just find a legitimate one.


rats said...

yes, don't let them take your shoes to build playgrounds for the illegitimate kids.