Saturday, August 11, 2007

my little dead dick

dear web journal,
i wanted to share this, from viceland and perhaps not quite safe for work:

My Little Dead Dick
is the visual diary of photographers Madi Ju of China and Patrick Tsai (aka Pat Pat) of the USA. They got together on July 17, 2006, when they both traveled to Macau in order to meet face-to-face after a month of intense internet correspondence. After nine days, they went back to their own countries, quit their jobs, settled their accounts, and said good-bye to their friends and loved ones to pursue their dreams of a life spent together taking photos. This issue is coming out like right on their one-year anniversary, so we asked them for photos from their first nine days together to commemorate it. That’s what you can see here in these photos. True love in bloom. It makes us feel not so cold and sad for a little while.

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