Monday, August 13, 2007

love/lust: pretty things

dear web journal,

at the risk of sounding like a completely vapid shop machine (or maybe it isn't a risk, because it is already firmly established!), i want these very pretty items. but with ticket prices far outside of my reach, it isn't likely. maybe, just maybe, a husband of mine might stumble onto this entry and think christmas (or 'look honey, i bought you this amazing coat just because!'). anyway, please let me share these items of love/lust:

a: jcrew's bella jacket, wool and ultra feminine. i'm fond of the "heather coral" shade.
b: button-up ankle boots, from anthropologie. i've never owned a pair of shoes at a price so far above 100 bucks. but they're so perfectly my taste, even if so imperfectly outside my budget.
c: gold dust earrings, by rachel sudlow. all of her items are so simple and clean looking. one more reason that etsy is so awesome.
d: insepreable rings, by anthropologie. i am not big on wearing jewelry and most of what i do wear is barely noticeable. but rings, i love them big and cocktail-like. and strangely, i don't even normally like the color of gold, but this one is so pretty and romantic.

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