Tuesday, May 1, 2007

meme a little meme of me

dear web journal,

karl’s sister discovered my lil’ blog, here, when i commented on hers without realizing i was signed in. anyway, she tagged me for this "meme" thing and here’s mine:

the rules:
i will write ten interesting things about myself. and i'll tag three bloggers to do the same. if you've been tagged, you continue this cycle. hungerhurts, ayurvegan love, and something old, something new, condsider yourself tzagged.

1. i have a guilty obsession with real world denver (and at one time, the whole cast was part of my myspace friends).
2. much to my more casual gaming friends’ disapproval, i’m a stickler for adhering to board game rules. basically, i am a jerk.
3. practical jokes, i love them: like the time i took a mr.-t-head bank and poked it around my step-sister’s shower curtain. i’ve not been forgiven.
4. i love painfully hot foods. "thai hot" is for wimps.
5. i dated a girl for about six months and it was probably one of the most fulfilling relationships i’ve ever had (aside from the small detail that i wasn’t gay).
6. i love ~**~<3 jUsTin tiMberLake <3~~**~~.
7. because of a close family member, i grew up around/in the transgendered community. i have a transdar like few others.
8. i constantly call my cats "sluts" and "ho-bags;" when really, who am i to judge?
9. every single day, i still look at wedding dresses, six months after i purchased one.
10. i have terrible, terrible handwriting and am an appalling speller. in fact, i almost just misspelled "appalling" were it not for spell-check (bless you, sp-ck).


rats said...

such a gay, it's undeniable

Goldy said...

Thanks for continuing this meme. #3 just made me laugh out loud... trying to imagine mr. t making an appearance in my shower.

p.s. like your blog design.

Linda said...

Mr. T made laugh out loud as well. According to my mom, he "loves his momma."


shoot!! i didn't even see this. i am in so much trouble.