Friday, March 2, 2007

the ol' salt mine

dear web journal,

my job is boring. there’s not a glamorous thing about it. and though the faculty-on-faculty interactions sometimes bring on drama, its never the kind of gossip interesting enough to share with a friend outside of my work sphere. that’s just the reality of doing academic engineering accounting work.

but i love my job and as long as i’m working while karl gets his master’s degree, i am quite content to stay here. the staff ladies i work with are best described as friends though some of them are of significant age differences. the IT guy is everything opposite of most IT guys, often bringing us bakery goods or placing chocolate on our desks before we get to work. even though some of the engineers are typical weirdos, most of their quirks are still endearing at times. for the most part, they’re interesting individuals who treat us with respect. i love working in academia and feeling like i am still a small part of higher learning.

it’s been a full year since i received my bachelor’s degree and i’ve grown to miss the stimulation of regular coursework, but this manages to be a good substitute. since law school is the next step, i’ve got to keep that yearning to go back fresh and this manages to fulfill that. and this also allows me the room to fantasize and consider climbing the ivory tower, despite the rational side of me that knows that the academic world is cutthroat and requires a love for the game i fear i lack.

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